Jewellery preservation
  • Please avoid contact with perfume, moisture, and oil for all jewelry.
  • Be sure to spray perfumes or apply lotions before putting on jewellery. 
  • Remove jewelery before exercise and shower.
  • Please keep jewelry as dry as possible as this will help prolong the longevity of your pieces, and retain their colour and shine.
  • Always protect your jewelry from harsh chemicals, bleach, household cleaners, oil, all of which can affect the metal. 
How to clean your Nazzar Jewelry
  • Use a solution of warm water and detergent-free soap to soak the jewelry in. Clean your jewelry with a very soft and clean bristle toothbrush!

  • And don't forget, maintaining good storage and cleaning practices go a long way in keeping your pieces in great shape.

How to store your Nazzar jewelry

  • Jewellery should be stored away from direct sunlight, heat and humidity.
    It can also be stored in a plastic zip lock bag made of polyethylene.
  • Please note that this can prolong the shine and condition of most jewellery, but tarnishing will still occur over time, especially on alloy-based jewellery with no gold-plating.
  • Gold-plated jewellery will eventually tarnish over time. The speed at which the gold plating fades will depend on multiple factors, including (and not limited to) the chemical level of your skincare products, level of perspiration, and even your natural skin PH. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you pay special attention to the care of your gold-plated jewelry.

What About Metal Sensitivity and Allergies?

  • Depending on how sensitive your skin is, jewelry made of zinc alloys is considered hypoallergenic. If you are allergic to brass, since brass is an alloy of zinc and copper, then you are likely allergic to copper in return.
  • Avoid nickel if you have hypersensitive skin! Jewelry made of nickela widely used metal alloy—is a prevalent cause for allergies among people. Blatantly, since stainless steel withholds trace amounts of nickel and iron, it may cause a reaction to those with hypersensitive skin.
  • If you experience symptoms within 24h-48h including redness, rash, swelling, or warmth to the exposed area, then you should let go of the jewelry pieces immediately.

Unfortunately breakage is not covered under our warranty.  We carefully check each item before it is sent out so if a customer catches a piece of jewelry, or bends a metal and it breaks, we can’t be held liable.  If an item is able to be repaired we will happily fix it for you.  Repairs start at $10 and can increase depending on the damage. Please be ready to provide your original purchase receipt.

Written by fatemeh khademi

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