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Classic Gold Huggies

From $30.00 CAD

Pearl Drop Earring

$45.00 CAD

Twist Ring

$55.00 CAD

Snake Huggies

$35.00 CAD

Clara Ring

$55.00 CAD

Snake Ring

$59.99 CAD

Mini Eye Necklace

$89.99 CAD

Double Twist Ring

$45.00 CAD
bezel necklace
bezel necklace

Bezel Necklace

$119.99 CAD

Twin Huggies

$35.00 CAD

Emma Huggies

$49.75 CAD

Paperclip Necklace

$108.98 CAD
gold chunky chain ring

Chunky Chain Ring

$59.89 CAD

Gold X Ring

$45.99 CAD

Diana Oval Ring

$65.00 CAD

Rachel Double Ring

$55.00 CAD

Claw Ring

$55.79 CAD

Rectangle Twist Huggies

$25.00 CAD $45.00
bezel bracelet hypoallergenic

Bezel Bracelet

$65.75 CAD

Mini Dome Huggies

$35.00 CAD
Sold Out

Charlotte Huggies

$25.00 CAD $45.00

Dainty Heart Ring

$45.00 CAD

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Elevate your style effortlessly with our diverse selection of necklaces, bracelets, hoops, earrings, and rings made of high quality materials like sterling silver, gold vermeil, stainless steel.

Whether you're drawn to must have link chains , tennis necklaces and bracelets, romantic heart pendants, bold statement pieces, Pearls, or delicate gemstones, you'll find the perfect jewelry at Nazzar Toronto Boutique.