Zirconia Beaded Ring

$37.79 USD

18k gold plated over Stainless Steel with clear zirconia stone

Love Beaded Jewelry with our Zirconia Beaded Rings

You'll find a lot of jewelry stores in Toronto, from street styles to labeled shops. We offer sterling silver jewelry, zirconia beaded rings, gold earrings, and gold-plated womens jewelry.

We also design bold hoop earrings, gold earring hoops, and golden necklaces.

Our zirconia beaded rings is another attraction for everyone. Our designs are custom-made for our customers for special occasions. You can match your outfits with our gold plated women's jewelry.

One design can go with a lot of your outfits. The trendy & modern yet classy zirconia beaded rings designs will allow you to match your style.

We design our personalized jewelry according to our customer's requests. Your jewelry will tell your story to your loved ones. If you're wandering for a piece that you or your loved ones will like, you can choose us.